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Veterans Affairs & Military Medicine Outlook covers the budgets, programs, and initiatives of the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Defense Health Program and the Air Force, Army, Marine Corps and Navy Medical Commands. The publication contains high-quality, medical industry journal editorial, written to the standard of peer-reviewed content but in a lavishly designed, glossy, soft cover magazine-style format, making for a noticeably unique, eye-catching presentation. We regularly interview the leaders of the major medical departments and programs within the DOD, VA and other affiliated entities.

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379,000 VA Employees serve a U.S. Veteran Population of Nearly 20 Million


Spring Edition 2019 (Proposed)
VA Nursing
VA Staffing
Educational Opportunities
Female Veterans
Disaster Response
Combat Nutrition and Rations
Cardiac or Respiratory Care
Vision care
RR&D Brain Rehabilitation Research Center (BRRC)
And Other Features (TBD)
VA Office of Research and Development (ORD)
Substance-use Disorder
Interviews (TBD)
Fall Edition 2019 (Proposed)
Features (TBD)
Interviews (TBD)


FY 2019 Medical Care Budget Request is $76.5 Billion




Department of Veterans Affairs VAMC/CBOC Distribution
Secretary, Deputy Secretary Director
Chief of Staff Deputy Director / Associate Director
Office of Scientific Research & Development Chief of Staff / Chief of Operations / Chief Medical Officer
Office of Acquisition, Logistics & Construction Department Chiefs and Associate Chiefs System Wide
Office of Academic Affiliations Nationwide Vet Centers
Office of Construction & Facilities Management Transition Centers
Office of Information & Technology Outpatient Clinics
Center for Minority Veterans VA’s Technology Acquisition Center (TAC)
Center for Women Veterans VA’s National Acquisition Center
Office of Nursing Services (ONS) Health Information Exchanges
Defense Supply Center Philadelphia Chief Nursing Officers and Nurse Staffing
Austin Automation Center Chief Pharmacist
Pharmacy Benefits Management Services Primary Care Providers
Veterans Benefits Administration Community Living Centers & State Nursing Homes
National Cemetery Administration Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs)
Veterans Health Administration Polytrauma Rehabilitation Centers
VHA SimLEARN National Simulation Center National Center for PTSD & Local Facilties
PADRECC and Consortium Centers
TriCare Management Activity SCI/D Centers
Global Offices Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury, DVBIC
Chief Information Officer
All Regional Offices
Area Offices
U.S. Air Force Medical Service U.S. Army Medical Department
Surgeon General Army Surgeon General
Deputy Surgeon General Regional Medical Commands – Worldwide
Assistant Surgeon General for Health Major Subordinate Commands – USA
Command Surgeons Army Medical Department Center and School
Nursing Services Commanding General and Chief of Staff
U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Defense Health Agency
Secretary of the Navy and CNO Research, Development, and Acquisition Directorate
Navy Surgeon General Business Support Directorate
Navy Medicine Support Command Healthcare Operations Directorate
NAVMED Education and Training Directorate
Naval Medical Logistics Command (NMIC) Health Information Technology Directorate
Marine Corp Health Services National Capital Regional Medical Directorate
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Office of the President of the United States
Associate Directors Members of the House of Representatives and the Senate
Lead Researchers




2019 VA Budget Request is $198.6 Billion


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