The publication is produced using the Computer To Plate (CTP) process. All files must be CMYK and 300 dpi. PDF X1A formats are preferred, but ads produced in InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop are also acceptable. (If an InDesign file has transparencies, make a high-res press-ready PDF instead of an X1A to avoid flattening the file. Flattening might cause overprinting commands in the resulting file.)


- Trim size: 8.375” w x 10.875” h
- Bleed: 1/4” MINIMUM to ALL edges (Bleed ads are optional. Bleed is already included in the bleed sizes above.)
- Live/Type area: All non-bleed items should be 1/4” minimum from the TRIM edge.
- Fonts: All fonts must be embedded, outlined, or supplied with the files. Post-script or Open Type fonts preferred.
- Images: PSD, AI, TIF, or EPS; CMYK (or grayscale), 300 dpi resolution.
- Crop marks: If crop and bleed marks are included in PDFs please offset them by a minimum of .26”


We recommend supplying a color proof that accurately reproduces the color of the ad as it will be used for color matching on press.
All proofs must be representative of the ad supplied and should be a high-quality digital proof that meets SWOP standards. If copy changes are made, the proof should be marked “For Color Only.” Color correctness cannot be guaranteed if color proof is substandard, or no proof is provided.


High Resolution Digital color proofs (eg: Xerox Fiery, Epson Stylus) Traditional color proofs (eg: Matchprint, Progressives, Tear Sheet)


The following disclaimer must be placed in all artwork when the name of the U.S. government or any of its agencies is invoked in the copy. Where possible, please identify the actual agency in the disclaimer.

“The U.S. Coast Guard did not select or approve this advertiser and does not endorse and is not responsible for the views or statements contained in this advertisement.”

Video Launch:

Video Launch will open your video in an overlay directly on your advertisement in the digital edition.

Simply provide us with a link to your YouTube or Vimeo hosted video. We recommend that your video be no more than 60 seconds in length. Video privacy setting in YouTube and Vimeo must be set to public. Video will not launch in magazine if set to private.

If your organization does not have its own organizational YouTube or Vimeo account, Faircount can discreetly host the video on our managed YouTube account. You must have all permissions to the content of the video including imagery and sound.
In this example, the ad on the right-facing page utilizes the Video Launch feature
with content delivered from YouTube.



728 X 180 PIXELS

File Types
◉ .gif (simple animations and transparency allowed)
◉ .jpeg or .png image file
◉ Maximum file size is 40k)
◉ Dimensions: 728×180 pixels
◉ URL link to the destination landing page


300 X 250 PIXELS

File Types
◉ .gif (simple animations and transparency allowed)
◉ .jpeg or .png image file
◉ Maximum file size is 40k)
◉ Dimensions: 300×250 pixels
◉ URL link to the destination landing page


728 x 90 and 300 X 250 PIXELS

File Types
◉ .gif (simple animations and transparency allowed)
◉ .jpeg or .png image file
◉ Maximum file size is 40k)
◉ Dimensions: Require two files- 728 x 90 pixels and 300×250 pixels
◉ URL link to the destination landing page


300 X 250 / 728 x 90 / 728 x180 PIXELS

File Types
◉ .jpeg or .png image file
◉ Maximum file size is 40k)
◉ Dimensions: 300×250, 728x90, and/or 728x180 pixels
◉ URL link to the destination landing page



◉ Content must fit seamlessly with and be topically relevant to our existing content.
◉ Must provide some level of benefit or clear value to visitors.
◉ Final approval of sponsored editorial and video rests with DefenseMediaNetwork’s Editor in Chief.
◉ Offensive, biased, political, lewd, or deceptive content will not be accepted.
◉ Links will be provided, but not indexed.


◉ AP Style (submitted via MS Word)
◉ Text must be submitted in Microsoft Word Document (.doc) format.
◉ Text must be between 1,200 and 2,400 words.
◉ Provide a headline. Use something with strong reader draw and SEO.
◉ Text must be edited and proofed. We will review and advise as to errors, if needed.
◉ Please provide at least three (3) images in .jpg or .png format. Each image must submitted as a stand-alone file.
◉ One image must be designated as your ‘featured’ image. This image must be at least 1400 pixels wide and have a minimum resolution of 72 dpi. The other images, which will appear in line with your text, must be at least 1200 pixels wide or 1200 pixels tall, and have a minimum resolution of 72 dpi. [We do encourage up to 150 dpi.]
◉ Each image’s location in the story, should be marked up in your text file (.doc) and should include a caption and image source/credit.
◉ If you have links or URLs that you would like to include in the article, please mark them up in your text file.
◉ Your article will be shared via social media. Please include your Twitter and Facebook account names within your text file. Also, provide two relevant #hashtags to go along with your social media posts.


Ad files 5MB and under can be emailed to

Include your organization’s name and “Creative Materials” in your email subject line.

Files larger than 5MB can be uploaded to our FTP site using a web browser. (No password or login needed.)
Please send an email to once the ad is finished uploading with file name, company name, and publication.

Files can also be sent on a disk to:

Faircount Media Group
Attn: Damion Harte
4915 West Cypress Street
Tampa, FL 33716

Once we have processed your ad files, we will send a confirmation email.

For assistance please contact:

Damion Harte or +1 (813) 675-3800
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